Board Roles


  • Represents YMF in the Los Angeles Section Board of Directors by attending the Section Board of Directors meeting.
  • Mentors and assists YMF Board of Directors with their duties.
  • Shall report to the Section on the highlights and accomplishments of YMF throughout the year.
  • Keep the Board Members informed of any decisions made and activities scheduled from the Los Angeles Section and the Branches.


  • Presides over regularly scheduled board meetings, general, executive and/or special meetings as required to conduct the YMF business.
  • Along with the President-Elect, shall appoint Committee Chairs, monitor committee expenditures, and provide assistance to the Committee Chairs as deemed necessary in order to carry out the function.
  • Along with the Treasurer, shall be complete and submit funding applications, financial reports to Section, etc. in a timely manner.
  • Oversees the work of other board members and their responsibilities.


  • The Vice President assists the President and agrees to a three-year commitment serving one year as VP, one year as President, and one year as Past-President
  • Becomes familiar with the activities of YMF, so as to efficiently carry out the functions of President during the following term.
  • Assists the President with the scheduled events by coordinating with and overseeing Committee Chairs.
  • Along with the President shall appoint Committee Chairs, monitor committee expenditures, and provide assistance as deemed necessary in order to carry out the YMF’s functions.
  • Shall preside over board meeting, and over general or special meetings in the absence or direction of the President.
  • Assists the President as deemed necessary to fulfill his/her duties; for example, in scheduling board, general, or special meetings/meeting locations, etc.
  • Shall oversee quality control for all publications (e.g. weekly announcements, event fliers, event articles) and web-postings, and content of the YMF website.


  • Writes the meeting agenda and minutes of all the regularly scheduled board meetings, as well as the timely distribution of the next meeting’s agenda and previous meeting’s minutes to board members (and other YMF members).
  • Works with the Membership Chair to maintain a current and accurate member mailing lists (including email distribution lists).
  • Announces upcoming YMF events/activities and relevant YMF information to the YMF members.
  • Maintains and updates the YMF calendar events.


  • Maintains the YMF account and monitors the money entering and leaving the account.
  • Prepares annual budgets, financial reports, etc., for the various YMF activities/events, so as to assist the President in preparing funding requests/applications from Section and other sources of funding.
  • Write all payment and reimbursement checks for the year
    Maintains the YMF’s bank account for payments.


  • Coordinates social events/activities with the intent of promoting interaction amongst YMF members. Example events include monthly happy hours, hiking, camping trips, annual Mammoth trip, wine tasting trip, the annual holiday party, sports activities, and co-hosted events with other Professional Societies. Shall take responsibility for “Membership” section of the YMF website and add event pages as needed.


  • Coordinates events/activities that serve the public, better our community, and promote the Civil Engineering profession, and the visibility of our group in community service.
  • Responsible for outreaching to students from kindergarten through 12th grade at classroom outreach projects or after-school programs typically including organizing career day speakers, classroom/school/after-school presentations, engineering and science experiments, participation in STEM programs, and organizing technical tours. Shall take responsibility for “K-12 Outreach” section of the YMF website.
  • Serves as the liaison between the YMF Board and local university ASCE chapters (5 Universities: CSULA, CSUN, LMU, UCLA, and USC). Coordinates student mixers, the student sponsorship to the annual ASCE National Conference, and serves as a mentor/support role to the student chapters. Shall take responsibility for “University Outreach” section of the YMF website.


  • Oversees general updating of the YMF website not maintained by specific members and updating Social Media (LinkedIn and Instagram).